You Educate A Women And You Educate A Generation!

It is said “when you educate a man you educate a man; when you educate a woman you educate a Generation”

iDonate next step is towards supporting a brilliantly shining girl for her studies. Idonate is contacted by “Al-Khidmat Foundation” and they referred an orphan girl to be supported for her studies by Idonate. They have provided us her academic record and other details; she has an outstanding academic record. She is a Syed and do not receive Zakat. We do not want money to be the hurdle between her studies and an excellent career ahead In Sha Allah. So iDonate took the initiative to pay her monthly fee of 1600Rs. for four years to complete her D-Pharmacy degree from PU.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to CHANGE the world” believing in this quote by Nelson Mandela, iDonate will continue to support more and more brilliant students like our this sister with “iDonate education scholarships” to change Pakistan with educated generation. Does anyone of you want to be the part of such noble cause? Do you want to bring change through Education?

YES? Let’s shake hands with iDonate to spread education by giving financial assistance to the needy and bright students.

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